Friday, November 4, 2011

Most Popular Flower Tattoo Designs Pictures

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Most Popular Flower Tattoo Designs Pictures
Flower tattoo designs are maybe the most popular girls’ tattoo designs. They are popular among girls and women of all ages. These tattoos symbolize feminine beauty and elegance and always look attractive. Of course flowers can be met in men’s tattoos too, but there they are mainly decorative elements of big complicated tattoo designs.
For women flower tattoos became a kind of jewelry that is always on them and can be worn everywhere. Flower tattoo designs really decorate women’s bodies, but it is not the only their function. Thesetattoos always have deep meanings, as well as flowers are important symbols in all cultures. That’s why choosing a flower tattoo you should know what this flower symbolizes.
Rose tattoos are probably the most popular flower tattoo designs pictures because roses are thought to be kings’ flowers. This flower always symbolized love, passion and beauty. But at the same time roses have sharp thorns, so they are beautiful but far from being helpless. That’s why rose tattoos also have ambiguous meaning. They always emphasize women’s beauty and style but at the same time power. Red roses are often associated with passion and even sometimes with blood. In earlier times roses were used on many heraldic and were noble flowers.
In Japan rose is associated with tenderness and pride. In Egypt roses were sacred, because they were used in Isis mysteries. Here they symbolized love and passion. In ancient Greece roses were also used in rituals. On the whole, roses have deep symbolic meaning in all cultures, maybe that’s why rose tattoo designs are so popular allover the world. But the color of rose in the tattoo design is especially important. Red roses are the most popular. They symbolize desire and passion. Such tattoos also emphasize completeness and are mostly used by women. Pink and gold roses are more popular among young girls. Pink is associated with love, youth and romantic.